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AUCTION EXPORT.com is a web portal to the world of North American wholesale auto auctions. This innovative technology allows international buyers to search, buy and export any vehicle of their choice.

Who can buy a car from us?

Whether you are an individual buyer or a dealer, you can purchase a car through AuctionExport. If you live overseas and would like to purchase a car through AuctionExport no dealer licence is required. All purchased vehicles must be exported outside of USA and Canada.

How does ordering a car work?

If you are looking for any particular car, and you know your desired make, model, years, colors, and options for the car, you can fill out and a form called “ORDER A CAR”. Soon after you submitted your “ORDER A CAR” form, our sales team will start to search for your car through millions of auto dealer listings and auctions of USA and CANADA. After they have found the car that suits all your needs, you will receive an email, which will include pictures, specifications, history report and price of the car (upon your request we can include shipping fees in the price of the car).

How can I find out the shipping price for the car?

You can use our shipping calculator to get the idea how much the shipping is going to cost. However, the shipping calculator will only give you a rough estimate, because shipping price depends on the size and weight of the vehicle. For exact quote please contact our shipping department at shipping@auctionexport.com

How to Contact AuctionExport?

4515 Chesswood Dr, Unit: X, Toronto, ON M3J2V6 (View on Map) Main: +1 416.900.3303 Fax: +1 416.900.3304 E-MAIL: info@auctionexport.com

Customer Reviews : Mr. Kwaku

Folks I have just bought my ninth car from auction export since 2013, and thrust me i have not had a single problem. non of my friends i introduced had ever complained. i search well and order for auto check and condition report before i buy. i think they present a business you can thrust.

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